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How can you create

new opportunities for your business with Este-Cargo S.L.?

If you have read our introduction and how we operate, you will know that our business scope is highly diversified: ALL PRODUCTS, COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD AND MEANS OF TRANSPORT.

In this section, we want to centralise information and build on a circular economy for our clients, opening doors for them with a range of possibilities to enter other markets.

In this section, you can tell us about your international expansion concerns, which we will connect with those of other entrepreneurs around the world so that you can do business and our logistics members can do the transporting.

All joint ventures have a place on this platform in order to carry out mergers. We want to combine two needs so that entrepreneurs with common interests can join forces and find business opportunities in one country and grow their business.

Your future depends on the decision you make today by joining our platform.

Brief examples of how you can write and tell us about your needs:

1. Polish-German company with 20 alcoholic beverage distribution warehouses opens up its shareholding structure to Spanish wine cellars.

2. French-German olive oil and wine bottler buys its entire production at a discount.

3. French-Italian company that designs and distributes footwear to 60 countries is looking for a footwear manufacturer for its models.

4. Spanish sausage company wants to enter the American market through national brands.

The information entered is confidential.

Yours faithfully, Katarina Vaclavikova


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