How does it work?

One example: A Spanish wine manufacturer wants to advertise in the DIRECTORY.

  1. 1. Create your client account
  2. 2. Log in
  3. 3. In My Dashboard, fill in the MY DETAILS tab, then create advertisements in MY ADVERTISEMENTS and make them visible to other users

A wine producer covered by your fee will be able to place 5 advertisements as a manufacturer in the business section for €365 per year.

Once advertised, from anywhere in the world, when an interested person types the word "wine" in one of the 40 languages in the product index located at DIRECTORY + BUSINESS, a list of 200 countries and 14 business tools related to wine will appear; one of them will be Spanish wine manufacturers where your company will be listed.

The same operation will be followed by wine wholesalers, retailers, buyers and sales agents, etc., for €182 per year.

Any visitor of the platform or subscriber will see the manufacturers free of charge. To see the rest of the information, wholesalers, retailers, etc., you will have to purchase the consult and do business service at the annual fee of €182, which also gives you the right to do business in logistics to post unlimited cargoes or alerts in business tools such as:

  • OFFERS of your product
  • CLEARANCES of stock
  • REQUESTS for other products
  • PURCHASE AND SALE of companies
  • PURCHASE AND SALE of machinery

* Free advertisements

If you announce an offer or clearance of wine stock, it will be seen by subscribers to the “consult and do business” service, and alerts will be sent to those who have them activated.

If you advertise requests for commodities or products, products used in your production such as “bottles" or "corks" in the “PURCHASERS” section will be seen by these manufacturers and will trigger alerts for those who have them activated, if they are subscribed to the “consult and do business” service.

You will be able to join your purchases in the purchasing hub, obtaining better prices for joint purchases. The platform members will be the first ones to make offers, following negotiation.

In business opportunities, you may indicate any business intention in any country. We privately manage this information, cross-checking it with the needs of other entrepreneurs.

In purchase and sale of companies or purchase and sale of machinery, you can announce that you are selling or buying a wine company or that you are selling or buying machinery in this sector. This information will be seen, and alerts will be triggered for those who have them activated.

In the logistics section, there is a transport hub. As a shipper, you will be able to advertise your cargoes, and carriers will contact you for quotations of those cargoes, being able to compare costs. 

Carriers will follow the same procedure. They will be able to register in the logistics directory for €365 per year to advertise and receive transport requests. We have a free purchasing hub for this sector for diesel, lorries, etc.

You can ask ESTE-CARGO, S.L. for a transport quotation and we will apply the rates negotiated by volume with the logistics members.

It is free of charge to input cargoes for vans and to register vans.

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