We negotiate with with the main brands for the joint purchase of all types of tractor units.


We negotiate with all major tyre brands for joint purchasing.


We negotiate with all the major semi-trailer brands.


We negotiate with the main operators for the joint purchase of all types of fuels.


We negotiate with telephone operators to improve conditions.


We negotiate with the main insurance companies for insurance contracts.

Lubricating Oil

We negotiate with the main brands of lubricating oils for joint purchasing.

Tax recovery

Joint tax recovery with the main tax offices.


Unity is strength. If we combine your purchasing power with that of other EU companies on this platform, you will give us the power to negotiate with suppliers for better prices and reduce your costs for the products or services that you need to buy.

Let's take an example.

A small fleet of trucks consumes 120,000 litres of diesel per year in Spain and 30,000 litres in the EU and pays its supplier €1 per litre.

A larger fleet consumes 12,000,000 litres and 300,000 litres in the EU and pays €0.90 per litre.

If some of the 150,000 international carriers in the European Union report their consumption and operators to this platform, we will add up to 1.5 billion litres, for example.

This volume is of interest to oil companies. We will meet with them and negotiate a new volume price for your company.

The example applies to everything you buy in your company.

It is not the same for you to negotiate the purchase of 5 tractor units with your dealer as it is for this platform to negotiate the purchase of 5,000 lorries, 2,500 semi-trailers or 10 million tyres directly with the manufacturers so that they can give discount instructions to the dealers.

This PURCHASING HUB will try to improve the price you pay.

You don't lose anything; it's free to sign up.

Please inform us of your purchasing needs in the attached form.

We will contact you after the negotiations, informing you of the outcome.

The Director,

Katarina Vaclavikova

Data for Purchasing Hub in Logistics

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