Terms and conditions


We developed these terms and conditions to provide security for the information entered on the website.

When you enter your password, you will be reminded to accept the terms and conditions, legal notice, cookies and data protection, which will imply your acceptance of their content and will release ESTE-CARGO S.L (hereinafter "E-C") from any liability anywhere in the world.

If you do not agree, you must leave the website.


The service involves insertion of advertisements by the client on the website.

The E-C website is a meeting and exchange point for global information, where E-C will work and cross-reference information with other clients; the client accepts this condition.

To manage its public advertisements or its alarms, the client must access its private control panel

It is free of charge to place advertisements, which will be confidential in the PURCHASING HUB and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, and to advertise REGISTRATION OF CARGOES FOR VANS and ADVERTISE EMPTY VANS.

Before signing up, each user will know which languages are operational based on the intensity of the colour of the flags on the website (the fees are adjusted to the number of languages) and will see the number of existing contacts in the 14 tools, 800 sectors and 200 countries in the DIRECTORY+BUSINESS tables.

E-C does not buy, sell, act as an intermediary or act contractually in contracts concluded between clients. It is the clients' responsibility to exercise due diligence and verify the accuracy of the data transmitted.

The client will have a personal non-transferable access key, which is granted A SINGLE RIGHT OF USE to access the platform on a single computer that will leave a connection IP, and the client will be responsible for its use, safekeeping and for anything that made by done by a third party never authorised to use the key. 

If E-C simultaneously detects two access keys operating on the website with two different connection IPs, they will be blocked and expelled, without the right to a refund.

We reserve the right to block a user when laws are violated.

E-C may send notifications to the user-client at the email address provided by the user-client when authorising receipt of such notifications.

The data indicated by the client in the company profile within the red boxes will be visible to other users.

All content must be truthful and, at E-C 's request, must be documented, and any use that may annoy, harm or damage other clients is prohibited.

The user must keep its company details and contact profile up to date.

E-C accepts no obligation to have means available other than the documentation sent by clients to verify their identity and will not be liable for identity theft by another user.

If E-C notices incomplete or incorrect user data, it will inform the user, and the data must be deleted or changed within 72 hours of notification.

The contractual relationship between E-C and CLIENTS begins with the payment of the annual fee, which will be understood as a signature confirming acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The application involving available cargoes and vehicles allows a carrier client to post cargoes and vehicles, as well as to search for offers for lorries and cargoes; the data to be entered must be complete and correct, indicating the automatic deletion time in order to ensure updated information.

Clients are solely responsible for their advertisements. E-C reserves the right to delete advertisements.

E-C will be exclusively responsible for the services provided by THE PURCHASING HUB, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AND VAN MANAGEMENT.

E-C does not guarantee 100% that a message will reach the recipient, nor does it guarantee the identity of the person indicated as the sender or recipient of a message.

E-C is not liable for any damages that may occur between different clients, either due to a loss or error in data transmission.

E-C will not retain data exchanged between users.

If E-C is informed by several users that a user does not comply with its obligations, E-C will verify this, warn the user and act by expelling it.

The user against whom a complaint is made must respond to E-C in writing within 72 hours, otherwise the user's account will be blocked.

E-C has no obligation to check all complaints that it receives.

E-C only accepts the Spanish version of the Terms and Conditions in the Spanish language, which will be legally binding in case of any variations or discrepancies with respect to other translations.

The user accepts that E-C may process the user's data for identification purposes and may, when considered necessary in a very restrictive way, share them without the consent of the party concerned, under the principle pursued in the PURCHASING HUB and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, with the platform's commercial partners or E-C's collaborating entities.

1. By becoming a client, you grant E-C a global licence to display, edit and distribute the information that you enter for contact and business purposes.

2. When communicating with the management or our agents, you will be treated respectfully; if you are threatening or offensive, you will be expelled.

3. If a client has paid the fee to CONSULT INFORMATION AND DO BUSINESS, THE AMOUNT PAID WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. This is because a client is not permitted to pay, extract all the information and request a refund.

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