What will you find?

50% of the platform is:

A directory of manufacturers, distributors, sales agents, etc. where you can register and use the 14 business tools: advertising your activity, consulting sectorised information or setting up alerts to receive the information you want.

There is always someone looking for your company or product: you will find it in our index, which will be translated into 40 languages.

What the 14 business tools in the directory offer:

  • Manufacturer directories
  • Purchase and sale of raw materials
  • Sales agents, distributors and purchasers
  • Offers and stock clearance
  • Purchase and sale of your company or machinery for your company

In the PURCHASING HUB, we manage 800 purchasing hubs where you can combine your purchases with those of others free of charge and obtain better prices through joint purchases or be allocated the purchases if you are a member of the platform. 

In BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, we will report on your international business proposals, which we will cross-reference with those of other entrepreneurs. You can tell us about your proposals free of charge in the section Create your business opportunity.

The other 50% of the platform is:

A logistics directory, which puts companies that need to transport in contact with carriers. If you are a subscriber, you can request a quotation for your transport by land, sea and air.

A free logistics purchasing hub for the logistics sector for diesel, tyres, lorries, etc.


  • Business directory in 200 countries and 40 languages.
  • 14 business tools to promote yourself.
  • Alerts of offers with requests.
  • Purchasing hubs.


  • Shippers offering cargoes and carriers quoting cargoes.
  • Who transports to each country? Requests for transport quotations.
  • Purchasing hub for diesel, lorries, tyres, etc.

We can handle your logistics at special rates, provided by the platform's logistics members.

It is free of charge to advertise cargoes for vans and empty vans.

It is free of chargeto do business in the Purchasing Hub and Business Opportunities.

It is important to continue by reading “Why it is of interest to you”.

Yours sincerely

Katarina Vaclavikova

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