Why is it of interest to you?

1. We centralise global information on products and companies. In just a few seconds, in a single table, you will discover who is in a sector and what is being offered in it worldwide. Save time and resources in these searches, since we have it all centralised.

2. We are in promotion.

  • Manufacturers: €1 / day, you can place up to 5 advertisements in your activity.
  • Distributors, wholesalers, retailers: €0.50 / day, up to 10 advertisements in your activity.
  • Carriers: €1 / day, 1 advertisement.
  • Consult information, do business in logistics and activate alarms: unlimited, €0.5 / day.

3. It is a global showcase for your company. By advertising yourself, you will see and be seen, and by activating alerts, you will be informed of what is happening worldwide with the product you are interested in.

4. Your advertisements and alerts travel around the world every 24 hours in 40 languages.

5. If your bank, association, local or national government collaborate with the platform, you will receive discounts. Government subsidies for foreign trade actions are available for your company. For more information, see “Notes on fees”. If the institutions inform us of subsidies, we will publish them so that you can stay with us more cost-effectively.

VERY IMPORTANT: The platform will be translated into 40 languages. Each language has ITS OWN ADVERTISING; if you sign up for it, it will appear in the selected language. For example: If a Spanish manufacturer signs up for advertising in the Polish language, its advertisement will be seen by visitors accessing the website in Polish.

By belonging to the Purchasing Hub, you will reduce the price of your purchases by volume by joining up with other buyers. Sales and transports will be allocated to members of the platform, subject to negotiation.

It is important to continue by reading “How it works”.

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