Welcome. Please give a few minutes to this introduction to find out the potential of this platform.

I am Katarina Vaclavikova, an economist and the CEO of ESTE-CARGO, S.L. I have been an entrepreneur in foreign trade, customs brokerage and transport for 30 years. Working in the export process for more than 2,800 clients such as THYSSENKRUPP, DOMECQ, BRIDGESTONE, JOHNSON, NESTLÉ, VIDRALA, TUBOS REUNIDOS, SIDENOR, ENAGAS, RICARD, ARCELOR, BODEGAS Y BEBIDAS, TUDOR, ALCAD, DANONE, ROCA, etc., has made me understand the need for companies to expand globally.

To help you internationalise, we have gathered global information on your product of interest in:

  • A GLOBAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY with 800 sectors and 14 operational business tools in each sector that powerfully add value to the directory to expand your network of global contacts.
  • A GLOBAL TRANSPORT HUB for land, air and sea transport, which is a single tool where you can contact thousands of carriers to reduce your logistics costs. 

This platform will advertise your company in 200 countries through the DIRECTORY IN 40 LANGUAGES so that your company and your product can be found, and so that you can find what you need.

The platform aims to allow companies to get to know each other to purchase, sell and transport products.

Our business model is simple; we combine products with countries and business tools in a single presentation table, in 40 languages, located in the DIRECTORY + BUSINESS.

At some point you may have wondered: who distributes a product, manages surpluses, or has the best offer or request for a product in a country? Here you will have centralised information (product-country) in a table and can do business with offers and requests.

If your company is advertised, it will be viewed globally, with your product being translated into 40 languages. With our 15 business tools, you can join our global private network to contact purchasers, distributors, and sales agents; clear your stock; transport products; etc.

An alert service, which you can customise, will keep you up to the minute on purchase or sale information published by other users.

Unity is strength”. We manage 800 global joint purchasing hubs with a threefold objective: to improve your purchase conditions if you join the hub, allocate the entire purchase volume to a supplier member of the platform and entrust the transport of these transactions to a logistics member. It is free to sign up.

In business opportunities, you can inform us of any international business intentions, which we will confidentially cross-reference with the business intentions of other entrepreneurs around the world to promote projects and investments. It is free to sign up.


1. In order to manufacture, it is necessary to find, compare and purchase materials or products at the best price.

2. What is manufactured is sold through commercial or advertising actions or in purchasing hubs.

3. Everything must be transported.


1. We are a global information hub,

2. Without intermediaries,

3. That enables recovery of invested amounts,

4. Reports profits,

5. Is in promotion,

6. And is eligible for subsidies, as there is government aid for promotion abroad.

We transport goods by road to and from all European countries in all modes, with our speciality being door-to-door URGENT VAN TRANSPORT.

It is free of charge to input cargoes for vans and advertise empty vans.

It is free of charge to do business in business purchasing hubsbusiness opportunities and logistics purchasing hubs.

We expect the profits of the first transaction to cover the subscription cost.

If your product is not listed in the product index, we will add it.

It is important to continue by reading “What will you find?”.

We are launching a financing round and are looking for investing members to promote the platform globally. 

We protect the commercial interests of the platform's clients, with all others being competitors.

Yours sincerely,

Katarina Vaclavikova


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